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General Questions

What’s your correct company name?
What products does Plyboo / Smith & Fong sell?
Does Plyboo / Smith & Fong have a distributor or rep in our area?
How do I place an order with Plyboo / Smith & Fong?
Can bamboo plywood, panels or flooring products be used in exterior/outdoor applications?
Can your products be used for ceiling applications?
Is the Amber color a stain?
What is the difference between the Edge Grain and the Flat Grain?
How do I order Plyboo samples?
Is the bamboo flooring/plywood reusable if deconstructed? Recyclable or biodegradable? Is there a reclamation program for Plyboo?
What is SoyBond?
Are SoyBond products formaldehyde-free?

Flooring Questions

Are there bamboo flooring installation instructions on the web site?
Is the Plyboo bamboo flooring glue-down or nail-down?
Can you put Plyboo bamboo flooring over concrete?
Can Plyboo bamboo floors be installed over radiant heating?
What kind of adhesive can be used to glue down a Plyboo bamboo floor?
What is the warranty on Plyboo bamboo flooring?
What kind of cleaner can be used on Plyboo bamboo flooring?
Can Plyboo bamboo floors be refinished?

Bamboo Plywood Questions

What is the difference between bamboo plywood and bamboo-ply?
Which way does your bamboo plywood grain run?
What kind of finishes do you recommend for the bamboo plywood?
What is the Plyboo bamboo plywood warranty?
What kind of cleaner can be used on Plyboo bamboo plywood?
Where can I see samples of installations?
What is the fire rating on Plyboo bamboo plywood?

LEED Questions

What is LEED?
Which LEED credits do Plyboo products qualify for?